1.1. I just received my tuneable diode laser but I cannot get it to emit light

Please check the following points: 

  1. Is the control rack/power supply connected to a mains outlet?
  2. Is the interlock connector in place?
  3. Is the mains switch on the back side of the power supply switched on?
  4. Is the key lock switch on the monitor unit switched on?
  5. (If 1 - 4 are fulfilled and still the display module does not come on, i.e. there is no background illumination of the dot matrix display or no welcome message, please refer to FAQ 2).
  6. Is the current control module (DCC) connected to the laser head and are the locking screws tightened?
  7. Is the DCC operation LED (yellow) at the laser on?
  8. Is the shutter open?

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