1.1. Video Tutorials

If you are new to the Digilock or are wondering if the Digilock could be the right tool for you, you might find our 3-part tutorial series helpful.

To view the video files downloaded from our web site you will need to have a Quicktime®-compatible media player. Alternatively you can visit the TOPTICA YouTube channel

Part 1 - Introduction

In this tutorial we will give you an introduction to the user interface of the Digilock Software,
and provide an overview of its main features.

Part 2 - Basic locking

In this Digilock tutorial we will introduce you to simple locking techniques using the PID module,
and lock a laser to an atomic reference. To take full advantage of this video, you should be familiar
with operating your laser, and have a basic understanding of active frequency stabilization and the
operating principles of a PID regulator.

Part 3 - Advanced locking

In the third part of our tutorial series we will gradually increase the complexity of our locking setup.

First, we will apply top of fringe locking to a doppler-free signal, using the lock-in module.
In the second step, we will use both PID modules for a two branch feedback loop, where one branch
is assigned to low frequency noise, whereas the other branch is dedicated to the higher frequency components.

To follow this tutorial you should already be familiar with the graphical user interface, and the autolock feature
of the Digilock. You should also have an understanding of the working principle of a lock-in regulator.




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