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SHG 110 / SHG pro

1. Service

1.1. SHG pro remotely assisted installation checklist (DLC pro only)

Dear customer,

you have chosen a remotely assisted installation of your DLC pro based SHG pro / FHG pro laser system. 
Below you will find a guide on how to prepare for it. Also, please download the attached form, fill in the first page and return it as a pdf file by email.

Please set-up the laser 2 days prior to the remote-installation-date so that the laser can acclimate to your laboratory. Have the DLC pro turned on but do not turn on the emission yet!

Once all this done, please let us know and send us the service report and checklist (see download link). We will check the service-report beforehand. During the Remote-Installation, we will walk you through the further steps from the first start of the emission to obtaining the specified SHG output power. Please make sure to follow all laser safety rules and use laser googles, which cover both the fundamental wavelength and frequency-doubled (quadrupled) wavelength at all, times.

1.2. SHG 110 / SHGpro Troubleshooting Guide

The SHG 110 / SHG pro is user serviceable to a certain extent. In order to guide you towards locating and solving the most common problems we are making a troubleshooting workflow diagram available for download.

Before you start

These troubleshooting guides represent only a coarse outline of the steps necessary to get the laser system back to its specification. They do only complement, not replace the user manuals. 

Before taking any of the following steps the user must familiarize himself with the hazards involved when mainting a laser source. READ AND FOLLOW THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS in the user manual carefully before you proceed. TOPTICA can not held be liable for injuries and / or damages caused by improper use of its lasers. If you feel unsure, please contact TOPTICA's service department first. Proceed at your own risk!